My idea for this website was to be used to find mentors… The mentors are still on their way and God will bring them in do time. I am using this website now to Inspire & Motivate you to a New Mindset while I make my dreams come true and help you make your dreams come true at the same time!!!! My name is Nathan L. Oakes, but that is not who I am… It was just a name given to me… Your name and your job for example are not who you truly are… Let’s find out exactly who you truly are so you can begin to live that true life that you truly desire!!! Please do not go to your grave with your music still inside you.

The New Earth is knocking at the door…. Ready for the 5th Dimension? You are living in a Simulation…

It’s Time for a New Mindset for you… You no longer have to live in fear and YOU CAN TRULY BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!!!! This website is here to change your Thinking and your Mindset. I TRULY BELIEVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US CAN BE, DO OR HAVE ANYTHING WE WANT IN LIFE!!! We have all been programmed and conditioned to be poor, to be unhealthy, to be slaves of the system which is the Matrix. We are doing many things we don’t want to do which gives us the results that we do not truly want. 95% of what we do is in the Subconscious Mind (OUR Habitual mind) which we have not been taught how to use because the elites want us to remain stupid and be Sheeple people. This is what the elites have known and studied for a long time to control us. TIME TO BE FREE!!! My website will give you a starting point to finding Truth!!! 

Video by Nathan L. Oakes (A Billionaire in the making)

May 24th 2023

This website is for sharing knowledge and truth. Knowing that you are worth more and you are not a slave like you may have originally thought…. Satanists, The Cabal and the elites have been in control for a long long time and we have all been slaves, People are finally waking up…. This is The Great Awakening. As you wake up, you’re Vibrations, Frequencies and Consciousness get higher and higher from these lower densities of thinking and they can no longer control you…. The Cabal controls you through fear through the media, low quality foods, music, movies etc.. We can no longer live in fear and we have to Stand up and say we ain’t having it NO MORE. Time to Live in Love not fear…

Bob Proctor is the first person that I listened to that is helping me to change my mindset! It all started for me with watching The Secret in 2006 which is a Documentary on the Law of Attraction and Bob was featured in it. 

Bob Proctor died on February 4, 2022 at 87 years of age… Rest In Peace… You will always be one of my mentors even though we never met face to face… We have talked several times and I am very Grateful for that!!!!

Feature Video

Fall of the Cabal (Removed from Youtube)

The Fall of the Cabal is here folks!!!! What a great time to be living!!!!

The elites know their time is up and that is why all of the chaos is going on right now…. This is a New Platform for Millions to realize their True and Full potential. Now more than ever many social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. are Censoring so much information, it’s absolutely unreal. I have tried uploading many videos which have been taken down, so I am using my website as a new platform. They want it to be a Nation under Big Tech and control all speech at all costs. They want you to be sheeple….. They know the truth and want to keep everyone suppressed, so we can remain slaves in this sick and twisted matrix….


You hear me talk about how we are Vibration, Frequencies and Consciousness. This video will explain some things in much deeper detail and give you a much better explanation. Everyone should watch this video. This was not taught in schools because they wanted to suppress the truth…. It is 7 1/2 hours long, but it explains how God and the Universe work. You will thank me later….

What a time it is to get Excited????

This Coronavirus happened for a reason…. Now more than ever, families are spending more time together, the earth is healing itself, people are actually taking the time and thinking about what’s most important in life. Do you think that’s a coincidence??? Before Coronavirus, 76% of people were unhappy in their jobs…. Now is a Great Awakening that is happening all over the planet and more and more people are waking up to Truth. Now is the time to start living out of Love not fear….. Stop believing all of the lies….. God is in Control….

YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU KNOW and it is no accident that you are here!!!!

There is so much Information to Share. This site is to help us with our Spiritual Awakenings knowing that WE ARE ALL capable of doing ANYTHING that we DESIRE in LIFE! I want to Inspire & Motivate others to Start making their Dreams a Reality. So many people are going to their graves with their music still inside them. PLEASE Do not let that be you.

You see, My Dream is to do what I am Passionate about and help Millions of people in realizing their Full Potential. It used to be being a Billionaire for me because everyone said it wouldn’t happen and how difficult it was. That is why we now have today. The thing is this, If you are truly doing what you are truly passionate about then the money will follow….

What is your Dream? What is Your Why? You can do anything! There is absolutely nothing stopping you except for what you are thinking in your head. Quit letting your circumstances stop you from Making your dream a Reality. Circumstances are just a Result of Past thinking and Old Negative programming that you received from other people (Some people have been dead for 500 years).

Are you seeking more?

Here you will find tools to help you on your journey if you are seeking for more! Click the Tools to help you button (Top of page). Start with Wake up Videos for Understanding. Life is not solid like you may possibly think it is…. We are all Energy and we are all connected through God! Always get out of your comfort zone and never be afraid or fearful.

Thoughts and Words Create Reality, Positive or Negative… There are some great videos to watch here and I hope you take advantage of them all! Also I have a link for good books to read as well. There is also a link to show what tools I have used for myself to raise my Vibrational Frequency and Reduce Stress. 

You are a Vibrational Energetic Being

We are all Vibrational beings and if we can match the frequency of what we want, we can manifest it into our reality…. Dis-Ease in the body is caused from Stress. You have to be able to release stress. I will explain how my devices help with Stress in later videos… Thoughts become things!!!

Not only is it about raising your frequency, it’s also about raising Consciousness as well… I have been working on my old conditioning and old programming for the past 10 years or so, and after all of that work, my brain is now firing the way it needs to! It may not take that long for you if you have someone showing you what they are doing or did…

I can truly say that all of my fears, doubts, lacks and limitations have been lifted off me and I never thought they would leave… And that also can happen for you as well! I have been there… Anything can happen!!! You will see!!! 

Mark 11:23
Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Learn how to Reprogram your mind

Neville Goddard is another person that I listen to who taught out of the Christian bible…. Neville’s teachings make the most sense to me….