What a time it is to get Excited????

YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU KNOW and it is no accident that you are here!!!!

There is so much Information to Share. This site is to help us with our Spiritual Awakenings knowing that WE ARE ALL capable of doing ANYTHING that we DESIRE in LIFE! I also want to use it to find Mentors and to Inspire & Motivate others to Start making their Dreams a Reality. So many people are going to their graves with their music still inside them. Do not let that be you.

My Dream is to be a Billionaire and help Millions of people. What is your Dream? What is Your Why? You can do anything! There is absolutely nothing stopping you except for what you are thinking in your head. Quit letting your circumstances stop you from Making your dream a Reality. Circumstances are just a Result of Past thinking and Old Negative programming that you received from other people (Some people have been dead for 500 years).

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Nathan L. Oakes

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Mentor Candidates

My goal is to find Mentors that Genuinely want to help me make the money needed to become a Billionaire. Why??? Because this website is going to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE MILLIONS of people ONE DAY SOON and WILL Help Transform Millions of lives as I am making My dreams come true myself in Real-time. As people see what I can accomplish, they will follow!!!

I am not looking for a handout and I am ready to do all the hard work necessary to accomplish this difficult but not impossible task. I am an honest person. Everything I do is Moral and Ethical. My Mind is in the right State of mind and I AM PRIMED AND READY TO GO.

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Are you seeking more?

Here you will find tools to help you on your journey if you are seeking for more! Click the Tools to help you button (Top of page). Start with Wake up Videos for Understanding. Life is not solid like you may possibly think it is…. We are all Energy and we are all connected through God! Always get out of your comfort zone and never be afraid or fearful.

Thoughts and Words Create Reality, Positive or Negative… There are some great videos to watch here and I hope you take advantage of them all! Also I have a link for good books to read as well. There is also a link to show what tools I have used for myself to raise my Vibrational Frequency and Reduce Stress. 

You are a Vibrational Energetic Being

We are all Vibrational beings and if we can match the frequency of what we want, we can manifest it into our reality…. Dis-Ease in the body is caused from Stress. You have to be able to release stress. I will explain how my devices help with Stress in later videos… Thoughts become things!!!

Not only is it about raising your frequency, it’s also about raising Consciousness as well… I have been working on my old conditioning and old programming for the past 10 years or so, and after all of that work, my brain is now firing the way it needs to! It may not take that long for you if you have someone showing you what they are doing or did…

I can truly say that all of my fears, doubts, lacks and limitations have been lifted off me and I never thought they would leave… And that also can happen for you as well! I have been there… Anything can happen!!! You will see!!! 

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