It’s Time for a New Mindset for you… You no longer have to live in fear and YOU CAN TRULY BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!!!! This website is here to change your Thinking and your Mindset.

This websites purpose is to inspire and motivate visitors while sharing knowledge and truths. The creator, Nathan L. Oakes, emphasizes the importance of adopting a new mindset, breaking free from societal conditioning, and discovering one’s true self. Nathan believes that individuals are not defined by their names or jobs and encourages them to unleash their full potential.

He asserts that society has conditioned people to live in poverty, ill health, and servitude, manipulated by the elites through fear. Nathan advocates for a shift towards love and empowerment. He sees the ongoing global awakening as an opportunity for individuals to awaken to their true capabilities.

The website offers tools, videos, and recommended books to support personal growth and spiritual awakening, emphasizing the significance of positive thoughts and raising one’s vibrational frequency. Nathan shares his own journey of overcoming fears and limitations, motivating others to do the same. He believes in the transformative power of belief, citing Mark 11:23 as a source of inspiration.

Video by Nathan L. Oakes (A Billionaire in the making)

May 24th 2023




Bob Proctor is the first person that I listened to that is helping me to change my mindset! It all started for me with watching The Secret in 2006 which is a Documentary on the Law of Attraction and Bob was featured in it. 

Bob Proctor died on February 4, 2022 at 87 years of age… Rest In Peace… You will always be one of my mentors even though we never met face to face… We have talked several times and I am very Grateful for that!!!!

Feature Video

Fall of the Cabal (Removed from Youtube)




What is your Dream? What is Your Why? You can do anything! There is absolutely nothing stopping you except for what you are thinking in your head. Quit letting your circumstances stop you from Making your dream a Reality. Circumstances are just a Result of Past thinking and Old Negative programming that you received from other people (Some people have been dead for 500 years).


Neville Goddard is another person that I listen to who taught out of the Christian bible…. Neville’s teachings make the most sense to me….

Helene Hadsell – Contest Queen This lady knew how to really manifest… 20 Videos on how she manifested Contest Winnings. Very interesting…. She is called The Winning Sage, she won every contest she entered…