Bruce Lee and Jim Carrey knew what they wanted….

Bruce Lee knew what he wanted and wrote it before his Success…. If he could do it, Why can’t We???

Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself before his first role…. If he could do it, Why can’t We???

If these guys can do it out of many people that have done this, Then Why can’t we??? Because you need to get past all of the old negative programming…..

Here is what I wrote today… I have no idea how or when they will Manifest, but I specified a time limit. Write something similar like this for yourself and read it often daily…. Lets see what happens!!!! I have full faith that they will Manifest on time, when they are supposed to!!!!



Get out of your comfort zone

Never Ever let fear, doubt, lack or limitation hold you back…. I must say that when I hit the Top, I started second guessing the jump. But after doing this jump, I feel like a Completely new person as far as fear goes. Always get out out your Comfort Zone. I have stayed in mine for years. After doing this jump, I do not want to be in a Comfort zone anymore. 

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