Courses you may want to look into

A list of every course that I have taken on my Journey to become a Billionaire…

  • The Science of getting Rich course – Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • Goal Setting and Achieving – Proctor Gallagher Institute 
  • 12 Principles for Winning the mind game – Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • Super Brain Course – Jim Qwik – Mind Valley
  • Quantum Jumping – Burt Goldman – Mind Valley

Courses I am currently taking

  • Real Estate Investment BP

  • Unstoppable You Course – Bart Baggett

  • Lead the Field – Earl Nightingale

A list of every Seminars I have taken or attended

  • Paradigm Shift – Proctor Gallagher
  • The Art of Goal Achieving – Proctor Gallagher
  • 10X Growth Conference 1 – Grant Cardone
  • 10X Growth Conference 2 – Grant Cardone
  • 10X Growth Conference 3 – Grant Cardone

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