God is Consciousness | Nathan L. Oakes

There are many different levels of Consciousness. As you go through the levels higher and higher, more and more will be revealed to you. Consciousness is on a scale of 1 – 1000.

The veil is lifting off of this illusion of this thing we call life! God is in control! God is Consciousness! We need to get out of our bodies more and into our Spiritual selves, our Divine selves where God is.

He’s not a God in the sky like many people think he is. The church and God is within all of us. We are the church, not a building… We have to die to our EGO, every single one of us. EGO = Edging God Out

We have to get into our Heart space and let the heart and mind work together. The heart space is where you can control your emotions. You have to be able to look at your thoughts and emotions from a neutral point of view. You need to let go of the past, all attachments from old traumas, pains etc, all the labels from the past. As you do, you will feel lighter and lighter and you will go to higher levels.

Now, I was raised a Christian my whole life and what I am saying may sound foreign to you or even esoteric. But I have been praying to God for Truth for many years now and I believe I’m close to a breakthrough of understanding. I’m not going to say Enlightenment, because enlightenment is 1000 on the consciousness scale which is where God and Christ are. I believe in the bible. I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again 3 days later as he resurrected. 

Now, as I have done my research over the past few years or so, I say there is more to the story. Christian’s say the bible is everything and it’s the only book to live by. You can say I am being blasphemous, because many might say so. 

Not many will question, how did they reproduce after Adam and Eve? Who were the Mayans? How were the Pyramids built? What was the Atlantis population? How is it that some monks have lived for 300+ years. There are so many questions that I have and many have but a lot of Christian’s wont ask these questions and this is just the surface.

I just hear, its Gods Will. I get it, God wants nothing but the best for his children.  I believe there were many things left out of the bible and who’s to say that everything is 100% accurate in the bible. Why is the Gospel of Thomas and The book of Enoch not included in the bible???

There are parallel universes, many realities and different dimensions. We grew up in the 3rd dimensional world believing we are just the body…. All we know is the material world, but being that we are Spiritual beings, there is more to the story. But we were never taught how to use our Spiritual abilities….

3rd Dimension = Material world
4th Dimension = Dream world
5th Dimension = Plane of Light

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Nathan L. Oakes