How To Ignore Your Current Reality When Manifesting Money | Jake Ducey

(Notes Below video)

Step 1 – Let your thinking control your bank account rather than your bank account control your thinking

Don’t live as a reactor, live as a creator

Stop looking at the money in the bank, tax returns, circumstances, money that comes in every month.

It’s the story you are identifying with and attached to…. Detach from the story and quit giving energy to it. Where energy goes, that’s where you attention flows, which ultimately that’s what dictates what you attract back to you. In turn, giving more energy to the story of financial limitation that you no longer want anymore. Stop being a reactor to life’s circumstances. This is what keeps most people in financial limitation. They cannot disidentify with their story of their current financial life.

Does my thinking control my bank account or does my bank account control my thinking?

Hold images of prosperity in your mind, people congratulating you, driving your new car, your new house, your beach house, etc. See it in your mind and feel as though it is real regardless of what is happening around you. That’s your conscious mind and that is what goes into the subconscious mind. That’s how you send a new story to your subconscious mind and when that happens, eventually the outside world will catch up to it, but not until. Let your thinking control your bank account, regardless of what the bank account is telling you. Step out of the present story of your life to start to create a new one.

Step 2 – For a true Quantum leap to happen | Make sure you have positioned yourself in an appropriate vehicle….

Multiple sources of income gives you the opportunity for quantum leaps to occur in your life, not a job because it is limited. Higher ceiling, tax write offs, etc.

Step 3 – Do not discount miracles from unfolding in your life

A lot of times we get so beaten down with our current reality and story that we get so identified and give our energy so much to the current story of our environment that we don’t even invite the possibilities of the unexplainable of the phenomenal and miraculous.

In reality everything is energy and it comes from God the originating source

Invite possibilities in life.

Hypnotize yourself

Dear Universe, I am totally open to receiving amazing financial returns today.

Dear Universe, I am totally open to receiving amazing financial opportunities today.       

Dear Universe, I am totally open to unexpected financial growth today.

Dear Universe, I am totally open to receiving something amazing today.

Dear Universe, I am totally open to receiving unexpected financial success.

I am realistic, I expect miracles.

Step 4 – Focus on High income producing activities

When getting in fight or flight we get so stressed, so we may become busy doing busy work that may not be highly productive.

What are the highest income producing activities that I can do?

What produces the highest amount of money?

What produces the least amount of money?

Step 5 – Retrain your brain

Neuro plasticity is the process of retraining and rewiring the brain.  Erase the old story.

Hypnosis, Subliminals, Reading, etc.