I have decided to jump off the Stratosphere in Vegas

There is absolutely nothing holding me back and believe me when I tell you that. All my life I have been living in a bubble of protection and security, a Safe life. I refuse to live my life that way anymore. So I am going to Vegas and I am jumping off the Stratosphere TO PROVE THAT ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING! I cannot wait!!!! Everyone needs to get past their fears, doubts, lacks and limitations. Hopefully this will be an example for many people. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, NOW IS THE TIME…. QUIT LIVING YOUR LIFE ON AUTO PILOT AND TAKE CHARGE.

The old me never would have done anything like this because I would have been to scared out of my mind and let my fear of heights win and stop me dead in my tracks. And I will be completely honest, I have butterflies just thinking about it, Who wouldn’t??? But when I say that I am Fearless, I am taking the Action to confront my last fear head on to become Fearless. If I can do this, I can do anything!!!!

Unfortunately most will Never jump in life, never leave their comfort zone. Life is full of risks, but you will never experience the Thrill just waiting on the edge of life…. Do it, Be it, Become the Thrill of life!!! Be High on life!!! Become the fear and kick it in it’s ass….