Remote Energy Clearing | Basic Package – $60



Feeling off lately or for the longest time you can’t even remember feeling right? Feeling depressed, feeling anxious, feeling like crap all the time? I CAN HELP YOU…. I have the solution for you. I will clear your Energy and Energy Blockages. Many of us have things in our energies such as demons, negative spirits, curses, etc that build up over time that need released. Some of these may even go back generations of your family line. I am a Light worker being and a Loving person that wants to help Millions one at a time.

This also can help you Remove blockages to your Success and reaching your Goals… This may even help you with your finances, but in the Mid grade services, I go more in depth with Money, Finances and Prosperity…

My longtime friend Michael Weir is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher that is well known in Pittsburgh. He has over 20 years of experience and has taught me all about Energy over the past year… I know how to Clear energy Effectively and Efficiently from working with Michael. And now I am ready to help others.

This may work in 1 session, you may need more sessions depending on the person.

I will clear your energy between 1-5 days depending on how much is on my plate and how many people book sessions. First come, First served. 

*****Email me to book a session*****

What I will Clear in the Basic Package

*Negative Spirits
*Curses (You & Your Entire family | Mothers side & Fathers side)
*Adjust your Frequency to Highest Optimal Level


*Clear Mental Energy Blockages

*****Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Any help that I offer is to be used as a complement to, not a replacement of, any medical treatment that you are currently receiving. Per Etsy’s guidelines, this session does not promise physical outcomes.*****


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