There will be more videos

Over the past couple of weeks, it has been really tough for me. I fell back into the Negative thinking patterns of other people. People think I am crazy with my website and what I am trying to do. I know that friends and family members don’t believe in me. It really is a constant battle sometimes. Many thought people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Jesus, to name a few were crazy…. They were radical and look where it got them…. But I am going to overcome negative thinking patterns of others and poverty, whether it’s from the help of others or myself. I know which direction I am headed and I will no longer let others pull me down. I believe anyone can manifest anything they truly desire, I just have not figured it out yet for myself yet. But I believe that I am close!!!! I feel so close to it more than ever….. Once I figure it out I will share it with the world! In the meantime, I will keep motivating and inspiring others to live their true lives! More videos are on the way….. Many think they are thinking, but many just are making noise in their heads.