Simple Yet Profound Questions | Sefika Evliya

When John Assaraf was 19 years old his first mentor Alan Brown said

“The past you can’t change, but you can choose to change your future”


We can not change the past but we have the choice to change our future. Not sugar coating change – as change comes with resistances. worry, doubt, fear & much more. But acknowledging that change can happen.

If one does not make a change; will the results one receive improve or change.


Jim Rohn once said “If you don’t like how things are, change it. You are not a tree”

For many years, I was someone who felt ‘stuck’ like a tree.


Remembering “Don’t dream big as it would never happen”.

Feeling totally scared to think outside of the box of what was the norm.

I had no vision. No goals. No aims in life.


Absolutely Nothing!.


Every day as I opened my eyes I saw the world as a blank canvas. Living a life of hopelessness, no purpose or means, add panic attacks into the equation, and so much more.


Until I came across these simple yet profound questions, presented to John Assaraf by his first mentor:

“WHAT, specifically, do you want to achieve?”

“Not what you think you could achieve, but what do you really want to achieve”


“We need a future vision for your lives, or else nothing we do means anything. No matter what your current circumstances. If you can imagine something better for yourself. You can achieve it” John Assaraf


The Critical 1st Step to Achieve Any Goal – John Assaraf

“WHY must you achieve these goals?

“Dig deep and come up with as many reasons as you can, because you’ll need that leverage to yourself for the times when you don’t feel like doing what it is you need to do.”


“If your “why” is big enough, then your “try” will be big enough”

John Assaraf


“ARE YOU interested, or are you committed to achieving these goals and living by the life of your dreams?”


John Assaraf asked “Uh….man. I don’t…well, what’s the differences?”

  • If your interested you’ll do what’s convenient and easy, You’ll come up with stories excuses of why you can’t, You’ll allow your past or present circumstances to control what you think and do, You won’t be willing to go through the discomfort of change – because you change is absolutely required if you are serious about breaking free from your current beliefs, habits, and results

  • If you’re committed you’ll do whatever it takes. You’ll take action in spite of your doubts and fears. You’ll upgrade your knowledge, your skills, and your belief system of what is possible for you to achieve If you are seriously committed. you’ll let go of anything holding you back.

Are You Interested Or Are You Committed – John Assaraf

After many years of living a mean-less life.

I took on these questions and was able to turn: A purposeless life; into a purposeful life.

A mean-less life; into a meaningful life.

An unclarified future; into clarity future.

Not only that these questions boosted my inner drive to thrive and not just survive inanition to applying many many more amazing teaching by John Assaraf. Have you ever thought about these questions & what impact could it have in your life?

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding. Are you ready to take a leap,

Sefika Evliya